The Flight of the Swan

Iván Martínez Hulin
Abril 2015 (second edition)
16 x 23 cm.
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17.95 €
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The story starts when Nuria Torres, a successful architect from Málaga, returns to the house in the village where she spent her summer holidays as a child. She wants to escape from the town where she feels more and more asphyxiated due to her strenuous job and her increasingly difficult relationship with her partner and business associate Sebastian. She hopes that memories of the past will help her to sort out her feelings. In the village she comes into contact with some of the strange characters with whom she spent her youth, Marta or Curra, the priest Manuel and the onetime mayor Miguel, besides some other people, such as Mario who changed her way of looking at things. Fate and the adventures shared with all these people will change her life completely.

The flight of the swan is a short novel which intends to be the story of someone at a loss who finds out what she wants out of life. It tells of this person’s intimate feelings. It invites the reader to discover the hidden messages which don’t immediately meet the eye.